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Luisa Gualy joined HCA in early 2019. She is a passionate educator who has dedicated her life to helping people reach their true potential through wellness and broader horizons. Luisa brings more than a decade of experience teaching yoga and meditation, dance, and international politics and economics. She is also the co-founder of Alter-Yoga, an online community for yoga and health. Luisa holds a Masters in Latin American Political Studies from the National University of Colombia and a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Live Classes with Luisa

Luisa specializes in health and wellness. She teaches a broad range of subjects to all ages:

• Breathing Exercises for Mental Health
• Computer Literacy & Technology
• ESL (English as a Second Language)
• Homework Help & Tutoring
• Summer Camp for Kids
• Yoga & Meditation

All classes are free of charge for residents of HCA Live Communities.

Worried about supplies? Don’t be. We will never turn a resident away for lack of resources. Tell us about your concerns and we will find a solution!

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On Demand Classes with Luisa

Luisa Playlist

Luisa regularly uploads pre-recorded classes to YouTube where you can access them 24-7. They are a great resource to supplement your knowledge from live classes, and a helpful alternative for people who do not reside at one of her Live Communities. Watch Luisa’s videos from your HCA Live account to earn virtual badges that count towards real class supplies!